Planted 31,355 Trees....Mission to plant 1 Lac Trees

Join us

1. Plant or Gift only 12 Trees and be an Associate Member

2. Plant at least the number of Trees of Your Age and become a Member .

3. If you plant at least 100 Trees you will be an Active Member

4. To become an Exclusive Member you have to plant at least the number of Trees of your Age in Month.

5. YES, by planting at least 1000 Trees you will be a Super Active Member.

6. You can plant Trees at your own place or you can Gift your Trees, we will plant for you.

7. Thinking about Cost ? It is only 15 Taka/Tree !!! No it is not a printing mistake, it is really 15 Taka.
Note: Actually cost was 8tk/Tree but currently from Forest Office we have to buy 10tk/Tree(it was 5tk till 2019). Carrying cost vary from 4tk to 6tk.

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